Quality Assurance

Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd (Australia) operates under a third party (SAI Global) certified Quality Management System (QMS) and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd in Australia has Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval for distribution of aircraft spares and materials excluding aviation fuels. Our CASA Certificate Number is 1-5SVON, Issue 2.

Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd in Australia is a recognised Australian Defence Vendor and our Defence Vendor Code (N/Cage) is: Z03Q4.

Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd is an approved Australian Community Member of the Australian-US Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty.

In 2014 and for a second time in 2015, Military & Aviation Spares Pty LtdĀ received a “Supplier Excellence Award” from Boeing Defence Australia (BDA). Click here to see Awards. 2014, 2015

Quality Policy Statement

Our Mission

To provide our military and commercial Customers in Australia and overseas with quality military materiel and aerospace product which meet or exceed regulatory requirements and Customer expectations.

In addition, our mission is to provide honest and accurate delivery dates, keep our Customers informed of order progress, and provide a fair and realistic pricing policy.

We are committed to continuous quality improvement in all areas of our operations which is achieved through the constant review of management and purchasing policy and the desire to strive for world best practice in all areas of our business.

Our Vision

To develop long term relationships with our Customers and Suppliers and to uphold our integrity and the highest ethical standards in all areas of our business.

Our Goals

When placing an order with Military & Aviation Spares, our customers can expect:

  • an honest and accurate “expected delivery date” (EDD)
  • to be kept informed of the progress of their order
  • a fair and realistic pricing policy
  • a product which meets regulatory requirements
  • a product which meets the purchase order requirements
  • a high level of customer service

Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd will achieve its Mission, Vision and Goals by conforming to ISO 9001 Standards and ensuring Directors, Management and Staff has an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

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Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd
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Military & Aviation Spares LLC
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