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Military & Aviation Spares (MA-Spares) provides aerospace product in support of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft operated by the Australian Air Force, Army and Navy. Customers within Australia include most of the Defence Primes who player a major role as pillars of the Australian Defence industry.  Other Australian customers include several Defence maintenance contractors working in the OH/Repair space to support the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  This variation in our customer base and platforms we support allows the company to understand the stringent regulatory requirements governing the supply and use of aeronautical product and military materiel.


MA-Spares is currently supporting a wide variety of fixed wing military aircraft including fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, maritime aircraft and E7 aircraft. Our support ranges from the management of repairable components to wheels, brakes, flight surfaces, engine spares, avionics, hardware, and paints/sealants.


MA-Spares is currently supporting a wide variety of rotary wing military aircraft (helicopters) in use by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Our support ranges from the supply of spare parts  to hardware, paints and sealants.

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