Military & Aviation Spares (MA-Spares) is a distributor and importer/exporter of military and aviation spares, components and services to customers within Australia and overseas.

Our “aviation” capability includes both military and commercial aircraft and ground support equipment (GSE).  Our “military” capability includes sourcing materiel (non-aerospace) and services for army and police requirements, including land vehicles such as M113 and Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV’s).

Our capabilities also include the “management” of a Repair and/or Calibration pipe line in which we deal direct with the OEM and/or the best OH/Repair shop to find the most effective outcome for the customer.

Repair Management – Modern aircraft are comprised of dozens of systems and sub-systems and hundreds of repairable items (RI’s) and each require specific tooling, skills and approvals.  There are many hundreds of approved Repair Stations with varying levels of capability and core competencies.  The challenge of finding the best Repair Station or deciding to use the OEM (when possible and when not cost or lead-time prohibitive) for each individual component or repairable item can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned component repair managers.

While there can be a number of repair stations to choose from, each has its core competency.  Core competency being defined as being the best in a specific product/service through specialised skills, tools and experience.  Matching core competency with customer requirements is what we do to value-add to the supply chain and bring value in the form of quality, reliability, turn around time and price.

Aerospace Product & Breakdown Spares

Military & Aviation Spares (MA-Spares) provides aerospace product to our customers within Australia and overseas.  Customers within Australia include the Australian Defence Force and their related procurement agencies for the Air Force, Army and Navy.  Other Australian customers include several Defence maintenance contractors and Defence Primes. Overseas customers vary from neighbouring countries in South East Asia to customers in countries further away.  This variation in our customer base allows the company to understand the stringent regulatory requirements governing the supply and use of aeronautical product and military materiel.

MASpares has several exclusive distributorships including Gippsaero (OEM for the GA Airvan and Nomad aircraft) and Sun Aero (Aerowing) for aircraft fuel leak detection equipment. We are also the Australian Distributors for two military paint suppliers, being Chemsol and Intrepid Coatings.

Our American office (based in Seattle) allows us access to many of the world’s leading OEM’s and MRO’s that are located within the USA.  The Seattle office also allows us to consolidate freight/shipping and be fully compliant with US Government export regulations.

MA-Spares is ready to assist your organisation with the following aerospace services:

  • Supply of aircraft Engine and Airframe breakdown spares and repairable items
  • Supply of aircraft Avionics breakdown spares and repairable items
  • Supply of aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Supply of aircraft Life Support Equipment
  • Supply of aircraft Hardware/Fasteners and Consumables
  • Supply of aircraft leak check equipment for fuel and/or oxygen
  • Supply of aircraft and heavy vehicle weigh scales
  • Supply of aviation paints, glues/goops and chemicals
  • Management of the repair pipe line for component maintenance

We can source aerospace product for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

Hardware – Fasteners – Rivets:  AN, NAS, MS.  Ask us for a quote.

Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Hoses for Aerospace:  Over the last 5 years MA-Spares has built a reputation for supplying Crane/Parker and Eaton Aeroquip fuel, oil and hydraulic hoses.  All hoses are supplied Factory New (made to order) with manufactures C of C from approved OEM Hose shops.

Rolls-Royce T56 & 250 Engine Spares:  MA-Spares has an excellent track record n supplying genuine Rolls-Royce engine spares with OEM C of C.  Our pricing and lead times allow MA-Spares to be a key supplier of T56 engine spares to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Ground Support Equipment (GSE): MA-Spares distributorships allows us to provide a variety of GSE from; hazardous areas power distribution units, to type 300 portable safetylites, type 600 intrinsically safe LED handlamps, type 36 festoon lighting systems and Lockheed Martin approved specialist tools and stands.

Aircraft Fuel Tank Leak Check and Rapid Cure Equipment & Systems:   Our distributorship with Sunaero (Aerowing) as their exclusive distributor and service centre in Australia allows us to provided unprecedented product sales and training support to our customers.  The Sunaero (Aerowing) kits, systems and capabilities can reduce fuel tank repairs and leak checks from one week down to 12 hours.

Aircraft Oxygen Systems Leak Check Kits:   Our distributorship with Sunaero (Aerowing) as their exclusive distributor and service centre in Australia allows us to provided unprecedented product sales and training support to our customers.  The Sunaero/Aerowing kits, systems and capabilities can accurately pin point an oxygen leak.

Aircraft and Engines we support include:  P3 Orion, C130 Hercules, T56 & 250 Rolls Royce Engines, DHC-4 Caribou, Nomad, Sea King, S61 Nuri, CH-47 Chinook, Blackhawk, Seahawk, F18 Hornet, F16 Falcon, JSF (F35) and Boeing/Airbus  commercial aircraft.

Aerospace Component/Repair Management

MA-Spares has access to various Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities around the world, including the USA, Canada and Australia. Requests from overseas military and commercial organisations are welcome.
MA-Spares can manage the repair and overhaul of your component through our large network of FAA, EASA and CASA approved MRO’s.  Our world wide network allows MA-Spares to source the best MRO facility for your requirements and budget.  We will manage the export license (if required), organise for door to door shipping and ensure all aspects of the component repair, including the best lead times are managed to save you time and money.

MA-Spares will ensure your repairable or rotable Items (RI’s) are repaired and/or overhauled in accordance with either OEM manuals or approved Defence manuals (as requested by the customer).  MA-Spares will also ensure that approved spares are used and that aeronautical product meets all stringent quality and administrative requirements. We will work hard to find you the best solution that will balance lead times and value for money.

Our maintenance network (including OEM’s) allows us to manage a wide range of capabilities and logistics support that include:

  • repair of aircraft undercarriage/hydraulic and wheel/brake components
  • repair of aircraft engines and engine components
  • repair of aircraft avionic components
  • repair of aircraft ground support equipment
  • repair and/or leak check of aircraft fuel tanks

Military Materiel & Services (Non-Aerospace)

Military & Aviation Spares (MA-Spares) is capable of sourcing materiel and services (non-aerospace) for many army and police ground force applications.  Examples of our capability include spare parts support for the M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) and Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) in use by the Australian Army.  Our capabilities include battle equipment, hardware, fuel/oil/hydraulic hoses and communications equipment.

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