2017: MA-Spares continues to support the ADF in the area of spare parts, consumables, hardware and Repair Management (including Calibration Management) across a number of platforms operated by the Australian Defence Force.

2016: MA-Spares continues to be  a key supplier in support of the Royal Australian Air Force and Defence Primes, with an ever growing capability to support aircraft like the F18, B737 Wedgetail and the C130 Hercules, including spare parts and the management of several components for the Air Force for Repair/OH or Calibration.  MA-Spares continue to support spares requirements for armoured vehicles used by the ADF.

2015: MA-Spares wins it second “Supplier Excellence Award” from Boeing Defence Australia (BDA). This is the second year in a row MA-Spares has won this award.

2014: A busy year for MA-Spares with several new customers and the requirement to adapt to changes with export compliance rules in the USA, as many items that were on the US Munitions List under ITARS move over to the Commerce Department. Support to Australian Air Force, Navy and Army remain core business, with spare parts for military fighter aircraft our largest area of concern.  In November MA-Spares undergoes our tri-annual audit from SAI Global for ISO 9001: 2008 and received certification for another 3 years.  In December 2014 MA-Spares head office in Australia received a “Supplier Excellence Award” from Boeing Defence Australia (BDA).

2013: MA-Spares launched it new website in late September 2013. The Australian Navy purchases spare parts and components in support of Harpoon and Sparrow Missile Control Systems fitted to Australian Navy Warships.  Support and spare parts to the RAAF and Australian Army remain core business.

2012:   MA-Spares continues to support Nomad aircraft in Thailand and the Philippines as the exclusive agent for the aircraft OEM (GippsAero). MASpares signs agreement to be exclusive for Chemsol Inc and Tricom Coating Inc for chemical products and paints in Australia. C130J, B737 Wedgetail and F-18 (Classic and Super Hornet) aircraft spares and consumables remains core business in support of the Royal Australian Air Force and their prime contractors and MRO facilities.  MASpares continues to support the Australian Army as a key supplier of spare parts for M113 and ASLAV armoured vehicles.

2011:  In the second week of August 2011, MA-Spares LLC (100% owned USA subsidiary) becomes fully operational at our new and larger location in Lynnwood (Seattle), Washington State, just 15 minutes drive south from Boeing and 25 minutes’ drive north from Seattle airport.

2011:  The first half of 2011 sees MA-Spares continue to support military spares requirements, both break down spares (including hardware) and repairable components to meet the needs of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and various Air Forces in our region, including the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) and the Philippines Air Force (PAF).  MASpares also breaks in to the heavy commercial aircraft market for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.  Support of Australian Army armoured vehicles continues to also be a core business for MASpares.

2010:  MA-Spares continues to grow as an aerospace distributor with core strength in the area of spares support and services for Lockheed and Boeing military aircraft.  2010 also marks the beginning of MA-Spares as a strong supplier to the Australian Army for spares in support of Army land vehicles like M113 and ASLAV.

2009:  Military & Aviation Spares LLC moves office in late June 2009 from Torrance California to Orem, Salt Lake City, Utah.  The office became operational in the new location on the 1 July 2009.

2009:  In June 2009 MA-Spares signs an agreement with Sunaero to be their exclusive Distributor and service centre in Australia for Fuel Tank Leak Check and Rapid Cure kits, systems and technologies.

2009:  In February 2009 the US office receives its registration number and approval from the US State Department for registration as a Exporter of military spares and components that are controlled by the US State Department under ITAR regulations.

2008:  In December 2008 the US office applies to the US State Department for registration as a Exporter under ITAR regulations.

2008:  Military & Aviation Spares LLC becomes operational at the new Torrance facility in California (USA) on the 17 November 2008 to support operations of our Brisbane office.

2008:  Military & Aviation Spares LLC (a California, USA based, 100% fully owned subsidiary of the parent company in Australia) was registered on the 16 September 2008.

2008:  From the start of 2008 MA-Spares expanded into SE Asia and consolidated its position as a supplier to the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF), Royal Thai Navy (RTN) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

2007:  On the 05 December 2007, Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd received a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certificate of Approval (COA) for the distribution of aircraft components and materials excluding aviation fuels.

2007: Southpac advised MA-Spares that they no longer conduct third party surveillance audits for ISO 9001:2000.  Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd underwent a Surveillance audit by SAI Global and changed third party accreditation from Southpac to SAI Global.

2007:  On the 24 October 2007, Military Aviation Spares Pty Ltd changed its name to Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd .

2007:  Throughout 2007 MA-Spares sourced quotes and won purchase orders for aeronautical product in support of  DHC-4 (Caribou), C130H/C130J (Hercules), F/A-18 (Hornet), P3/T56 Engine, F111 Engines, CH-47 Chinook, S70 Blackhawk and B707 aircraft for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and/or their maintenance contractors.  MA-Spares expanded into the realm of project tender for  management of aerospace component maintenance.

2006: MA-Spares continues to support the DHC-4 Caribou and also starts to support C130 Hercules and P3 Orion aircraft operated by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

2006: Military Aviation Spares Pty Ltd moves to 16 Flint Street, North Ipswich, Queensland in June 2006.

2006: Military Aviation Spares Pty Ltd underwent its inaugural (third party) Certification Audit by Southpac for ISO 9001:2000 on the 24th January 2006, passed and received its inaugural certificate.

2005: MA-Spares continues to support the DHC-4 Caribou.

2004: Military Aviation Spares Pty Ltd was formed on the 31 August 2004 to support the aging DHC-4 Caribou, operated by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

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